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My vision for DENVER ARKERS is like an online social community. My hope is that it can be like "The Sims" but with dinosaurs. I have started building but once we get a decent sized community I will probably wipe the server and we can start fresh as a group. I want to build cities, roads, infrastructure, etc. I envision tribes, communities, towns, marriages, children, family, etc. Please help make this happen!

Send me an email at or you can send it though the sign up form at if you want to sign up. The first 9 people will hold a special place in the community. They will be elders in the starter community and when we grow to the point where we need to branch out the first 9 will be given supplies to start their own villages. They will govern each village independantly yet still be a part of the global council.

Please read the rules. If there are any you would like to add please send an email to

Here is how it will work. Right now the server is open. Anyone can join. I have to do this because if no one can join then no one would care about what I'm trying to do here. After we get a sizable community, (maybe the first 10 slots I will add more if I have to), we will decide on a date that most of us can be online and we will wipe the server and start in a fresh new world.

After that the server will be password protected and the password will change every week just in case people leave the group and decide to make it public.

I will need your email addresses because the password will be changed every Sunday and it will only be sent to active members of the group. From that point on new members will only be allowed in by a majority vote.

Word will need to be spread via word-of-mouth (Twitter, and Facebook, Discord), and my website. I would like to make this as real world as possible. Each person will be given a "Personality Profile" and a "Job".

That way we would have one person who chops and builds stuff out of wood. Another person would hunt and kill dinosaurs for meat and hide, etc. This doesn't mean that you will be stuck chopping wood the whole time but it will be kind of like the real world in that everyone will have a quota they will have to deliver each week.

If you consistently fail to meet the quota you will not be provided the weekly password and will have to sit out for a week. If it becomes a real problem then you may be kicked for good. Our "jobs" will change every week so you will get an opportunity to do everything and of course once you meet your quota you are free to do whatever you want.

Our "Jobs" will change but our "personalities" will stay the same or may evolve over time like a real person. You can come up with your own profile following the template I will provide or if you want to try your hand at acting I can provide you with one.

I want this to kind of be like Dungeons and Dragons. We will have scenarios and issues we have to work out each week. Because I want this to be a thriving, real as possible community you MUST have a microphone hooked up when playing. You MUST engage in dialog. If you are unable to speak in real-life or you are hard of hearing we will make an accommodation. If you are unable to afford a microphone but are excited about this and want to participate I will see what I can do to get you a microphone.

The server will be run as a democracy. I will have the final say on certain issues like server related items or other logistical things but even I can be outvoted and I will promise to comply within reason, (I.E. Its my server and I am paying for it so voting me off will ultimately fail). Other than issues like that I can and should be overruled from time to time.

***RULES*** (please read)

You will be temporarily banned for 1 week for the following:

  1. If you falsely report another player for doing something wrong or breaking a rule. I want to cut down on "crying wolf".
  2. Stealing from other players. I go by the 3 strike rule. After the 3rd strike you will be permanently banned. This excludes "stealing" that is part of a script or scenario.
  3. Whining. If you are always whining about the speed of the server, map choice, other players, etc and you get on my nerves you will be temp-banned for a week.

You will be PERMANENTLY banned for the following:

  1. Hate speech. Any slang or slur words towards any group of people will NOT be tolerated. (Note: Donald Trump is not a protected group you can bash him within reason)
  2. ANY! and I mean ANY! abuse, verbal or sexual toward any girl that might happen to be on the server. I have a daughter and when you talk like that I will take it VERY personally.
  3. Cheating, dishonesty, lying. Again, unless it is in the context of a script or scenario.
  4. Giving out the weekly password to ANYONE. If a member loses the password or doesn't get the email (unless they have a reason not to get it), they an contact me and I will provide it. If someone logs in an says, "Oh, so-and-so gave me the password" then "so-and-so" will be banned forever.

Ultimately, I want this to be a stress free zone for people who just want to build, explore and have fun. If you want to run around and cuss and kill people then there are plenty of other servers where you can do that. These rules are subject to change at any time.

If all of this intrigues you, please fill out the form in the Contact section and let me know you are interested. If the form isn't working you can always just email me at directly.

Thanks! And I hope to see you on the server!




  • ARK: Survivor
  • Like the Survivor TV show. We play and have tasks and each week someone is "Voted Off"

  • ARK: Role Playing
  • Think of "The Sims" but with dinosaurs.

  • ARK: King of the Hill
  • One team spends one week building and then the other team can login and attack!

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We're just a one man shop right now but always looking for great talent.


Tim Myers

My name is Tim and I envision my ARK Server as an escape from the problems plaguing the real world.

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